Stucco Options

Stucco is widely taken advantage in order to decorate and safeguard the interior as well as exterior ceilings and walls for how many centuries now. The stucco can be bought in dozens of textures, a wide range of colors and is presently the cladding of option for a lot of new construction as well as restoration or renovation stucco repair  projects.

The two main classifications of exterior stucco that take in dozens of various systems are the EIFS or exterior insulation and finish system and hard coat stucco. The hard coat stucco, on the other hand, is the preferable choice for both multifamily and residential construction, and it is being utilized increasingly for the commercial projects because it is more affordable. And with regards to EIFS, it is more commonly utilized for the commercial building projects, but then again, it is also usually utilized for the high-end customized houses.

The hard coat stucco http://www.silveradostucconm.com is usually used in 2 to 3 coats together with a cementitious base coat. The two commonly utilized hard coat stucco systems are the three coat stucco and one coat stucco. The customary three coat stucco is composed of two coats of cement base as well as a single finish coat. On the other hand, the one coat stucco is a two-coat method, on the other hand, rather of two base coats, it is imposed of a single cementitious coat with a single finish coat. In the last couple of decades, the one coat stucco is has become so popular just because it is economical. The materials utilized and application methods are virtually similar for these two systems except the fact that in one coat stucco, it will only take a fewer steps as well as lesser time. The performance and design ability in these two systems are also similar, even if the three coat stucco is usually stronger and has lesser cracks in most instances.

The finish coat application for the two systems is also similar. There are a lot of finish choices, on the other hand, they can be consolidated into a couple of classifications which are acrylic finishes, painted stucco and integrally colored stucco. The colored cement finishes also known as colored stucco was the well-liked choice for the three coat stucco in the 20th century. It is just a mixture of pigment, sand, lime and cement. It is economical and is easy to use, on the other hand, if the base coat will crack the finish is almost warranted to crack.

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